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Year 1 


Dear Parents/Carers

Here’s Week 9 of home study for you.

There are new sounds for all RWI groups, with the exception of the original Blue/Grey group who have now completed all the sounds of the RWI programme and who need to review all 11 sounds and their associated words. Please refer to our RWI at home page which has full RWI resources available to assist with home study.

Following my telephone conversations, I have decided to not put on any further Maths this week. Many of you explained that you were still in the early stages of money and subtraction and I think you need more time to consolidate this learning. I will move forward with new activities next week.

In place of topic activities I have put some Welsh ideas for you to try.

Thank you for continuing with the home study and, as always, stay home and stay safe.


Mrs Becky Breed – Year 1 Teacher

MATHS – Number work

Please carry on with the number recognition, addition, number bond learning and counting that has been set out previously. The counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s is particularly important as it helps significantly with money addition and gives your child a real-life application for what they are learning.



Resources from previous weeks can be found at the bottom of the page

Finding Ways to Give Change

I have attached a worksheet to help with this, but if you don’t have access to a printer you can draw this out in your books. 


  • Using the knowledge from previous subtraction exercises, show to your child that change is a simple subtraction sum eg 5p-2p=3p
  • Practise with real coins and start with small numbers.
  • Once you have calculated change you can begin to make that amount using real coins or drawing them.

Being successful in this relies upon having completed previous money activities confidently and also mastering simple subtraction as outlined in the earlier weeks.

If necessary, revisit these activities and practise them before moving forward.

 Pay with.pdfDownload
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Read Write Inc at home Page

We now have a dedicated RWI page that will have all of the resources (including practice sheets, daily video links and much more)  to help the teaching of RWI at home.

Click here or navigate from the pupil tab.


If you have followed and practised the sounds for your group. You should now be confident with them and all groups (except Blue/Grey) will now have to move to the next colour grouping. If not keep practising and reviewing those sounds given in the previous weeks and then move on.

This means that :-

Red group is now Green/Purple doing the following SET 2 sounds.

ar      or       air                              part       star         sort      storm      chair      hair


Green/Purple is now Pink/Orange and doing the following SET 3 sounds

ea          oi          a-e                     scream     real        coin      join      bake    shake


Pink/Orange is now Yellow doing the following SET 3 sounds

aw        are         ur                        prawn     lawn         bare        dare        hurt      turn


Yellow is now Blue/Grey and doing the following SET 3 sounds

ai         ew           ire                      pain    drain     grew     blew     hire       inspire


Original Blue/Grey continue with the following

You should now have completed all SET 3 sounds. Continue to review reading these sounds and the words associated with them. Also practise spelling those words.



We have finished all letter formations.

Review and practise any that were difficult and practise small simple words with a variety of formations.

Practise writing the days of the week and months of the year, which should all use capital letters at the beginning. 


There is a good handwriting site on ict games literacy section called Writing Repeater. You can write the letter with your finger on a tablet or phone and it will show the formation repeatedly for your child to copy.


Spelling/Red Words

Keep reading the “red words” for your colour group as per the sheet. Do a few each week.

Practise spelling the red words from the Red Group on your sheet. They have to learn these rote.

Practise saying the word and looking at its spelling. Cover the word and then write it. Check to see if you got it right.

Say, Look, Cover, Spell, Check!

If you are able to spell all the words from the red group then move onto the green group.

Don’t forget that Oxford Owl has a large number of RWI reading books available online for your child to read for all colour groups.


In class we practised daily the weather. It always begins Mae hi’n (pronounced my heen) We learnt the following orally:

Mae hi’n heulog (pronounced hi log) – it’s sunny

Mae hi’n wyntog  (win tog) – it’s windy

Mae hi’n bwrw glaw  (boo roo glou (ou as in out) – it’s raining

Mae hi’n gymylog (gum u log) – it’s cloudy

Mae hi’n stormus  (storm us ) – it’s stormy

Mae hi’n boeth  (boy th) – it’s hot

Mae hi’n oer ( oy as in boy er as in better) – it’s cold

  • Practise saying and learning the different weathers and then in your books create your own weather symbols for each and write the welsh underneath.
  • We created a song and actions for different weather in school. Perhaps you could make up your own.


Topic - Moon Zoom


  • Divide a page of your exercise book into 3 sections.
  • Ask your child to imagine they are meeting an alien for the first time.
  • In each section draw themselves and the alien and then draw a speech bubble for them.
  • Get your child to tell you what they and the alien would say or ask each other.
  • You can write this for them or help them write a sentence in each speech bubble.
  • Repeat for each of the sections.




    • You will have had to have found out some information on the moon before starting this activity.
    • Use the attached template to create you postcard or copy the format into your book.
    • Explain where the address goes. It would be great if your child could learn their address. When the police visited recently many were able to give their house number or road but not the complete address and we discussed its importance particularly in case of emergency.
    • Write about what the moon would look like and encourage adjectives like rocky, dusty. How long did it take to get there, what would you have to wear etc. Get your child to tell you the sentences they want to write.
     postcard from the moon parent template.pdfDownload
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    Previous Topic Activities related to our new topic Moon Zoom.

    • To make a “Missing Poster” for your alien.
    • Draw a picture of your alien.
    • Discuss with your child what information need to be put on the poster eg description, contact details like name, phone number and address. You could use the alien you drew and labelled previously to help with the description.
    • Orally continue with the following story. See what ideas your child can talk to you about and make up for you. This is a lovely speaking/listening activity that you can do together and the story can be as crazy as you like, let your imaginations run riot!
      • It was a cold night and I was woken up by a loud roaring noise. I ran to my window and saw a large, bright light crashing into the ground outside. It was a spaceship!.....................

      Previous Weeks Activities 

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