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Dear Reception Parents/Guardians,


On Wednesday you will receive an e-mail with a code for your child to access SeeSaw.

We are currently using this platform for Years 1 and 2 and we would like to roll it out for Reception pupils this week. Mrs.Wride has posted a few activities that you will able to complete by download the "SeeSaw Class App" for a mobile device or through your web browser SeeSaw Login.

Using this platform will allow the activities to be more engaging for pupils as well as providing a link between the teacher and pupil.

Below is some information on how to use SeeSaw. If you have any questions please e-mail ictp5@hwbcymru.net.

SeeSaw Parents Guide (pdf)

SeeSaw student guide (video)


Number online game



  • Complete the worksheet activity by circling the odd one out. What shape should go there, can you write the number?



  • Practice counting to 30 in ones, forwards and back.
  • Count in 10s to 30 forwards (This is new to me!)


Number Formation

  • Keep practising number formation. Any recording of numerals, please continue to refer to the number formation phrases document.
 Odd one out numicon 1-10.pdfDownload
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which is what the children would be completing in school on a daily basis. These are brilliant!


  • ALL children in reception to watch these sessions. All daily films will be available at 9.30am from Monday to Friday. Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours during school closure. This week’s set 1 sounds: t, i, n, g, o.




  • Read a story a day to your child (see attached sheet – Top Tips for Reading Stories to your child)


  • Miss John’s group only:tag

Ask your child to tell you the speed sounds, read the green words using fred talk (t-i-n)

Read the red word (but you can’t fred a red) we call these ‘tricky’ words.  Ask your child to read the short story to you 2-3 times.  Read some familiar words from the story and ask your child to write a couple of words from the worksheet.





  • It is paramount that when writing, the children form their letters correctly using the Read, Write, Inc handwriting phrases We practise 3 letters every day in school as well as the daily speed sound. I’ll choose 3 a week for your child to practise and master but feel free to practise more if you wish.
  • This week’s letters to practice are: m, a, s


Daily speed sounds handwriting task

  • Miss Wride’s group to practice: t, i, n, p, g,
  • Miss John’s group to practice: ng, nk



  • When writing anything, remember it is important to encourage your child to use their sound knowledge to sound/spell out their own words. Use the simple speed sound chart
  • Also please refer to the Fred Spelling videos online.
 Scheduele for RWI sounds.pdfDownload
 Ditty 2 tag.pdfDownload
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Read Write Inc at home Page

We now have a dedicated RWI page that will have all of the resources (including practice sheets, daily video links and much more)  to help the teaching of RWI at home. 

 Click here or navigate from the pupil tab.

TOPIC - Friendship


Over the next few days, I want you to think of some ways that you have been kind to your friends or family and create a diary through pictures or writing. This could be using your manners or helping tidy up some toys.  See if you can be kind once a day!  


E.g - On Monday I was kind to my mummy because I gave her a hug when I woke up. On Tuesday I was helpful because  …..



    Re-cap on the Welsh language you have been using over the past few weeks:


    Good Morning – Bore da

    Good Afternoon – Prynhawn da

    Good Night – Nos da

    Here is a  - Dyma

    Where is [name]? - Ble mae [name]?
    Here I am. - Dyma fi.


    one, two, three, four, five - un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump

    Which colour is this? - Pa liw ydy hwn?
    red, blue, yellow, green, pink - coch, glas, melyn, gwyrdd, pinc

    How is the weather? - Sut mae’r tywydd?
    sunny, raining, cloudy, cold - heulog, bwrw glaw, gymylog, oer