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Counting                                           Practice counting to 30 in ones, forwards and back.                                      Introduce counting in tens to 30, then 50, forwards and back.

Take Away                                    Encourage children to make up subtracting stories. They could then illustrate with objects, for example: There were 6 oranges, I ate two. How many are left? 6 take away 2 makes 4.            Children to have a go at recording the number sentence, e.g. 6-2=4

Exploring maths all around us        Explore repeating patterns outdoors, e.g. stones, pebbles, items of clothing or pegs on washing lines and collections of natural materials. Encourage children to continue and make more complex patterns, e.g. with three or four different repeating elements.

Number Formation                                 The children cannot practise their number formation enough – it is just as important as handwriting. Please refer to the attached document showing you our number formation phrases.

 Fred Games.pdfDownload
 RWI at home book 1.pdfDownload
 RWI at home book 2.pdfDownload
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Practice sheets

The daily sounds will be uploaded weekly.:

This week’s set 1 sounds are p, g, o.   

 Set 1 1.6-1.7 Green Words.docx.pdfDownload
 Set 1 Nonsense Words.pdfDownload
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This week’s set 2 sounds are or, air, ir

 Set 2 Nonsense Words.pdfDownload
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-      Read a story a day to your child (see attached sheet – Top Tips for Reading Stories to your child)

-      Get your child to read a Read, Write, Inc. book online matched to your child’s Read, Write, Inc. group Follow this link: http://bit.ly/39mjfeG

-      Story Green Words and Nonsense Words: these are words I have attached that are appropriate to your child’s RWI stage of reading. They can practice reading these words as many times as they like!


-      It is paramount that when writing, the children form their letters correctly using the Read, Write, Inc. handwriting phrases. (see attached document) We practise 3 letters everyday in school as well as the daily speed sound. I’ll choose 3 a week for your child to practise and master but feel free to practise more if you wish.

-      This week’s letters to practice are: m, a, s.



-      when writing anything, it is important to encourage your child to use their sound knowledge to sound/spell out their own words. See attached a simple speed sound chart which they use in school to help them.


See below What to teach for RWI. Ask your child which group they are in, if unsure I will confirm when I speak to you in the week.

 What to teach for RWIDownload
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Refer to the Read, Write, Inc. home reading leaflets and  Fred Games document. 

10-15 minutes a day of these reading activities would be really beneficial. There are daily speed sounds lessons available at RWI Youtube page

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and 12.30 pm
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and 1.00 pm

This is what the children would be completing in school on a daily basis. They are brilliant!