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Resource Base


Story – Big Red Bath

Teaching Ideas and Resources 

(all files needed are underenath)


  • Make a list of other colours in the story other than red.
  • Choose two adjectives and a noun and use these as the title for your own story, e.g. Tiny Green Tortoise, Ferocious Brown Bear.
  • Make a new page for the story in which a new animal wants to get in the bath too.
  • Splish, splash and splosh are examples of onomatopoeia. These are words which are also sounds . Can you think of any others?



  • Use the Big Red Bath as the starting point for discussions about capacity. How much liquid could the bath/ sink  hold? How many cups of water would this be? How many buckets of water? – estimate


  • Investigate what happens to a container of liquid when you put objects into it. How does it affect the water level?
  • There are lots of bubbles in the Big Red Bath. How are bubbles made? Could you have a bubble blowing competition?


  • Paint blowing bubble pictures


  • When returning to school – who is in your bubble? Can you draw you and your friends in your bubble ?
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