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 Year 3 


Hope you are all okay and enjoying spending time with your families.   Stay safe and continue to work hard and create special memories!

Take care,

Miss Wride and Mrs Roberts



  1. Practice number bonds – hit the button
  2. Practice your 5s times tables.
  3. See the Maths folder for activities on adding.
 3 digit column addition - no regrouping_1.pdfDownload
 3 digit column additions - regrouping_1-1.pdfDownload
 5 times tables.pdfDownload
 Adding 3 numbers .pdfDownload
 Colour by number multiplication.pdfDownload
 Procedural maths_1.pdfDownload
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  1. Read another book. Write a book review.
  2. See spelling sheet to practice spellings – keep doing this!
  3. Keep a diary of day to day events. Can you add the time this week?
  4. Write a set of instruction (method) for making a sandwich with your favourite filling! Write down all the equipment (things that you will need). See attached sheet.
  5. Use different conjunction words.
 Book Review.docDownload
 Book Review.pdfDownload
 Conjunction words.docDownload
 Conjunction words.pdfDownload
 Instruction checklist.pdfDownload
 My diary template.docDownload
 My diary template.pdfDownload
 Spellings exception words.pdfDownload
 Writing instructions template.docxDownload
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Please use BBC Bitesize Ancient Greece  or HistoryforKids.net - Ancient Greece to support learning.

  1. Create your own Ancient Greek dictionary. Use your dictionary skills to look up each meaning. See attached sheet for words.
  2. Find out the 12-14 main Greek Gods and their names. What kind of God were they?  Can you find any interesting facts about them?   
 Create your own dictionary - ancient Greece.pdfDownload
 Greek Gods facts.pdfDownload
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Easter is coming!                                                            

  1. Design an Easter card. 
  2. Research how Easter is celebrated around the world on the internet (or use the story presentation in folder) re-tell the story using pictures or drawings.  
  3. Decorate your own Easter egg (think about the Easter story). 


Pupils an use their Hwb login (username is without "@hwbcymru.net" to access previously made algorithms and the class studio. Or use the files below to guide through otheractivities.