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 Year 3


Dear Parents and Carers,  

Great to hear from most of you this week! Sounds like you are having lots of fun at home and working hard!

Take care,

Miss Wride and Mrs Roberts

Maths - Number Sequences 

We have done lots of work on sequencing but let us refresh ourselves.  Use video and 100 square to help you count on if you are unsure.            

Activities (files below)

Number sequences worksheet 

Number sequencing a b c (Do all of them or just one depending on level, a being the easiest) 

Number sequencing test with rules 

Procedural worksheet 


Number sequences 

Mission 2010

Crack the Code

 100 square.pdfDownload
 Number Sequences .docxDownload
 Number Sequences .pdfDownload
 Number sequences (a) .pdfDownload
 Number sequences (b) .pdfDownload
 Number sequences (c).pdfDownload
 Number sequencing year 3 test.pdfDownload
 Procedural maths - Questions.pdfDownload
 Procedural maths - Answers.pdfDownload
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Keep up your reading! Try and do a book review when you have finished.

Can you learn these 10 spellings this week? We think you can!

potatoes                      pressure

probably                       promise

purpose                        quarter

question                       recent

regular                         reign

Worksheet Can you order my food in alphabetical order? 

Worksheet - Do I use an or a in my sentence?

Reading comprehension 

 Spelling verbs.docxDownload
 Spelling verbs.pdfDownload
 Medusa reading comprehension - Questions.pdfDownload
 Medusa reading comprehension - Answers.pdfDownload
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Read Write Inc at home Page

We now have a dedicated RWI page that will have all of the resources (including practice sheets, daily video links and much more)  to help the teaching of RWI at home.

Click here or navigate from the pupil tab


Please use BBC Bitesize Ancient Greece  or HistoryforKids.net Ancient Greece to support learning.  See attached sheets to support each task too.


How did the Ancient Greeks change our World? Can you find 3 to 5 ways our world was changed by the Ancient Greeks .... use bullet points. 


Trojan horse wordsearch and Greek vase jigsaw 

 Greek vase jigsaw.pdfDownload
 Trojon horse wordsearch.pdfDownload
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Previous Weeks Activities 

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Pupils an use their Hwb login                                    (username is without "@hwbcymru.net"                            to access previously made algorithms and the class studio. Or use the files below to guide through otheractivities.