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Year 4 


Please find below the files needed for Year 4 work over the next few weeks.

Files will download and can be opened in your browser as a pdf

Further work and activities can be found on the Pupils page & Other Educational Resources page


We will be revising the following-

  1. Partitioning numbers. See sheet Partitioning Numbers. Included there is an extension task (Challenge)-What is my number? problem sheet.
  2. Negative numbers. See sheet Positive and Negative Numbers
 Partitioning Numbers 30.03.20.docDownload
 Partitioning Numbers 30.03.20.pdfDownload
 Positive and Negative numberlines 30.03.20.pdfDownload
 What is my number 30.03.20.docDownload
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Previous Weeks Activities 



Previous Weeks Activities 
  1. We have been working on alphabetical order in our topic this term. See the Alphabetical Order sheet.
  2. We are always working on verbs (doing words) within Literacy. There is one activity on general verbs (see Verbs sheet) and another on bossy verbs (see Imperative Verbs sheet). The latter includes writing a sandwich for an alien. Keep scrolling down!
 Alphabetical Order 30.03.20.docDownload
 Alphabetical Order 30.03.20.pdfDownload
 Verbs 30.03.20.docDownload
 Verbs 30.03.20.pdfDownload
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Previous Weeks Activities 


Here are further suggestions for activities that your child might like to complete on our Burps, Bottoms and Bile topic.

  1. I have included two poems which they might enjoy reading and learning!
  2. Design a plate of healthy food (see Healthy Dinner Plate sheet).


There is an Easter story Quiz. In the last week before we finished, we looked at the Easter story. An answers sheet has been included!

 Digestion Question Poem.docDownload
 Digestion Question Poem.pdfDownload
 Healthy Dinner Plate.pdfDownload
 The Easter Story Quiz.docDownload
 The Easter Story Quiz.pdfDownload
 Toothbrush Rap 30.03.20.pdfDownload
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Pupils an use their Hwb login (username is without "@hwbcymru.net" to access previously made algorithms and the class studio. Or use the files below to guide through otheractivities.