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Year 4


Dear Parents and Carers,

Hi! I hope you are all well, here is the home learning for this week.

I have endeavoured to provide tasks that do not need to be printed off in order to be completed. Your child could open the documents on the screen and then do the work straight into their Home Learning books (using the .pdf file) or opened on screen and completed (using the .doc files). Like before I have given explanations and put in examples. These are in red.

Take care and stay safe, Mrs Sims 


We are looking at the points of the compass this week. We use compass points to help us with direction. There are three sheets for you to work through in the following order-

  • Little Red Riding Hood Directions
  • 4 Points of the Compass
  • 8 Points of the Compass.

You can work your way through all of them or choose one that you would find most challenging.

 4 Points of the Compass.pdfDownload
 8 Points of the Compass.pdfDownload
 Little Red Riding Hood Directions.pdfDownload
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We are going to work on closed and open-ended questions. What is the difference?

  • Closed questions- they are questions that just require a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer or just a one word answer.

e.g. Is your name Tom? No. Do you like KFC? Yes. Where do you live? Barry.

  • Open-ended questions- they are questions that require more thought and more than a simple one word answer.

e.g. Why do you enjoy playing football? I enjoy it because it is fun and I play with my friends in a team. Which way do you go to school? I walk over the railway bridge, past the allotment, turn right and carry on walking up to the school gates.

On the sheet called ‘Lockdown Thinking Map’, write some examples of both questions that you would ask a friend or member of your family that you haven’t seen since the start of lockdown. Closed ones could be- Did you go for any walks? Did you sleep a lot? Open-ended ones could be- What was your favourite part of lockdown?  Why didn’t you get to see your nana? You could then ask different people to answer your questions!

 Lockdown Thinking Map.pdfDownload
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We would have been working on the topic of Celts and Romans this term. It is one of my favourite topics because I love History! The Romans invaded lots of countries over two thousand years ago. They created the Roman Empire. The Romans were very knowledgeable. They were great inventers.

  • Did you know that the Romans made the first cement by mixing volcanic ash, lime and water? But they had to be quick using it – it set very quick!
  • The Romans invented central heating. Rich people’s homes had heating.  The warmth came from an underfloor wood-burning fire.
  • Romans went to the toilet together! People could chat together in public toilets because there were several seats side by side.  There was no toilet paper – people used a sponge on a stick instead!
  1. Research the Romans. Find ten facts out about them. It could be about where they came from, the invasion of Britain, their homes, what they ate, how they travelled, what they wore…
  2. There is a Maths sheet called ‘Roman Army Maths Problems’. You can start with number 1 and then if you are finding the sheet too much of a challenge, stop.
 Roman Dinner Time.pdfDownload
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