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Year 6


Dear Parents/carers and tigers,

It was lovely to hear how some of you celebrated VE Day, some very creative and imaginative ideas for this special occasion. I look forward to our chats next week…will someone get a bike, will someone sell their doggie treats? Can’t wait to find out! Work continues to use ‘chilli symbols’ to show the level of challenge. Mild- slightly easier; Spicy-more challenging, Hot- even more challenging. Look carefully at the challenge you would like do. Remember you can work online or record  in your home learning book.  Speak soon.  Stay safe Tigers!



Information guide on perimeter and area included 

This week we will re-visiting work on perimeter and area.


Reasoning: Use knowledge of perimeter and area to solve problems

Times Tables – Last times table we focused on in class was the 8XTable, see how quickly you can record the answers on the sheet!

 Information Guide - Area and Perimeter.pdfDownload
 Area - Mild Spicy Hot.pdfDownload
 Area - Mild Spicy Hot (answer sheet).pdfDownload
 Perimeter - Mild (with answers).pdfDownload
 Perimeter - Spicy Hot (with answers).pdfDownload
 Area Resoning.pdfDownload
 Perimeter Reasoning - Mild Spicy Hot (with answers).pdfDownload
 8 Times Tables.pdfDownload
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Information guide on direct speech included 

Reading comprehensions:  Linked to plastic pollution.

Punctuation: Complete the punctuation activity and then use in a piece of writing – Write a conversation with another person about the problem of plastic pollution. Use the information you have in the comprehension text. Don’t forget to include all forms of punctuation, use the punctuation fan from previous work.

Create your own dictionary.

 Reading Comprehension - Mild.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension TEXT - Spicy Hot.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Spicy Hot.pdfDownload
 Information Guide - Speech Marks.pdfDownload
 Punctuation Speech Marks - Mild.docDownload
 Punctuation Speech Marks - Mild.pdfDownload
 Punctuation Speech Marks - Spicy Hot.docDownload
 Punctuation Speech Marks - Spicy Hot.pdfDownload
 Create your own dictionary.pdfDownload
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International Museum Day is on May 18th. 

Museums house so many interesting and creative features: paintings, sculptures, models and much more. Look at the art project sheets which show how you may recreate a famous painting. Use the grid to help in your drawing, you only need to print this sheet and follow the guidance  online. You may want to create a picture of your own.

Fun Challenges:  A few brain teasers to get you thinking!

 Topic - Art.pdfDownload
 Fun Challenge - BrainTeaser - Word Scramble.pdfDownload
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