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Year 5 


Hi Year 5!

I hope you are all ok! As well as some Home Learning Challenges, I will set you a weekly drawing challenge. Enjoy!

Drawing challenge week 1:

Day 1: A treehouse                             Day 2: Yourself in a fancy dress costume

Day 3: A sea creature                         Day 4: An alien spaceship

Day 5: An unusual DJ                         Day 6: A robot party

Day 7: Your favourite insect


Some of you might have seen that a new TV series of the Snow Spider started on BBC 1 on Sunday! Here is the link, hopefully some of you can watch it, I really enjoyed Episode 1! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000gx2x

Miss J 


Column addition – see the video for a reminder and complete the activities.

 You could make up some of your own addition questions too, maybe use dice or a random number generator.

 Use some games on Topmarks - Addition & Subraction to work on answering addition questions as quickly as you can!

Addition maze – add numbers as you go through the number maze. What is the smallest/largest total you can make? Can you create your own addition maze challenge?

 Addition 1.pdfDownload
 Addition 2.pdfDownload
 Addition 3.pdfDownload
 Addition Maze (Printable).pdfDownload
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Previous Weeks Activities 
 7x (1).pdfDownload
 8x (1).pdfDownload
 9x (1).pdfDownload
 Time - A Day Out Questions.pdfDownload
 Time - Bus Timetable.pdfDownload
 Time - Reading Timetables.pdfDownload
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Keep reading! Don’t forget to use My Book Blog. I will reply to some of your blogs, so keep checking back!

Reading Comprehension – Sir David Attenborough.

 David Attenborough Comprehension.pdfDownload
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Choose one of these story ideas to write your own story. You could add illustrations too!

Previous Weeks Activities 
 Adverbials How Did It Happen.pdfDownload
 Adverbials When Did It Happen.pdfDownload
 Adverbials Where Did It Happen.pdfDownload
 Book Cover.pdfDownload
 Book Review.pdfDownload
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Topic - Oceans and Plastic Pollution

Our topic this term is ‘Oceans and Plastic Pollution’. Here are suggestions for some topic activities you might like to complete at home this week:

  • Look again at the invention ideas from ‘A Planet Full of Plastic’ – (PICTURE 1) Do you think these inventions would work? Why/why not? 

Invent your own method of helping to clear up plastic from the ocean. Think big and be creative! Draw a labelled diagram of your invention, write about how it works and maybe even build a model of it!

  • Use this grid (PICTURE 2) to track any items you recycle each week. You might want to create a chart to show the different items you recycle. Chart Paper is below or use J2Data tools j2e - chart to create a chart
 Chart Paper.pdfDownload
 PICTURE 1.JPGDownload
 PICTURE 2.pngDownload
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Previous Weeks Activities 
 Layers of the Ocean Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Plastic Pollution Comprehension.pdfDownload
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Minecraft challenge!

If you can go onto Minecraft Education, I will set a challenge every week. Complete all of the challenges in the same world and then when we are back in school you can show me your creations!

(If you can’t access Minecraft, you could draw your ideas instead).

Week 1 – Build a school. How accurately can you recreate our classroom?