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Year 5 


Hi Year 5!

I hope you are all ok! It was great to speak to you on the phone again last week and to hear what you have been doing.

As well as some Home Learning Challenges, I will set you a weekly drawing challenge.

Drawing challenge week 8:

Day 1: A treasure map         Day 2: A secret garden                 Day 3: A sloth                             Day 4: A sports car             Day 5: A theme park                     Day 6: Animals on a beach holiday   Day 7: 3D letters


Take a look at the BBC Bitesize lessons if you want some more activities to complete. Lots of the maths lessons on the Year 5 page will be good reminders of things we have covered in class this year. There are daily video lessons here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p089g0cc/bitesize-911-year-olds                             

 And activities and videos to help you here:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons


Let me know in our weekly phone call if you have any ideas for the drawing challenge!

Miss J


This week lots of you wanted to work on your times tables a bit more, so here are some challenge questions for times tables from 3x to 9x.

You can choose the level you want to have a go at. Some of you wanted to work on one table a week and some of you wanted to have a go at all the tables and test yourself on them all.


Here are some songs and online games to help you learn your times tables:

Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge

Mental Maths Train

Supermover - Times tables collection

Hit the Button           

Coconut Multiples

Maybe create some of your own active times tables games outside to help you learn and remember them!

Remember you need to answer any times table question and in any order!

Fast Five is back! I have included three sets of Fast Five questions (answers also provided) to recap what we have done so far. The maths videos from all the previous weeks are in the folders at the bottom of this page if you need a reminder.


Challenge: Make 21

 3x 4x 5x.pdfDownload
 6x 7x 8x 9x.pdfDownload
 Times Table Answers.pdfDownload
 Fast Five 18_5_20.pdfDownload
 Make 21.pdfDownload
 Make 21 Answers.pdfDownload
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Keep reading! Don’t forget to use My Book Blog. I will reply to some of your blogs, so keep checking back! When you log in, click on ‘My Blogs and Reviews’, then you can see my comments and you can reply back.


Reading Comprehension – Minibeasts


Homophones – Over the last few weeks we have looked at words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. These are called Homophones. Below are some other activities based on homophones.

Look at the Homophone word mat below, choose some sets of homophones and write sentences containing the words. Try to include all of the homophones from each set in a sentence e.g. I was feeling bored so I decided to play a new board game.


Look at the image called ‘Meditation’. Complete some writing based on the picture. You could answer the questions or write a story based on the picture.


Spellings: I have used the spelling groups that we have used in class, but feel free to have a go at learning whichever spellings you want to.

 Minibeasts Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Homophones 2.pdfDownload
 Homophones 2.docxDownload
 Homophones Word Mat.pdfDownload
 Homophones Fortune Teller.pdfDownload
 Spellings wb18.5.20.pdfDownload
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Here are some creative tasks you might like to complete this week:

Some paper crafts and origami challenges.

Kindness colouring – maybe you could decorate one of these for someone in your family.

 Folded Paper Butterfly Instructions.pdfDownload
 Kindness Colouring.pdfDownload
 Origami .pdfDownload
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Topic - Beast Creator

This week we are continuing our topic - Beast Creator. This topic is all about minibeasts, habitats and food chains.

Have a look at this website to find out more about minibeasts https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/animals/ .


Find out the meaning of the topic words in the file below.

Look at the information posters to help you, or do some of your own research.

Below is a guide to Encyclopaedia Britannica (a safe search tool on Hwb – you will need your Hwb login to use this.)


Make a list of the different minibeasts that belong in each category and add any facts you find out about them.

 How to use Encyclopaedia Britannica on Hwb.pdfDownload
 Invertebrates Posters.pdfDownload
 Topic Vocabulary.pdfDownload
 Topic Vocabulary.docxDownload
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Minecraft challenge!

If you can go onto Minecraft Education, I will set a challenge every week. Complete all of the challenges in the same world and then when we are back in school you can show me your creations!

(If you can’t access Minecraft, you could draw your ideas instead).

Week 7 – Build the greatest party you can imagine in your Minecraft world!

(LM - you gave me this idea – I loved hearing about the Minecraft disco dance floor you built!)

Previous Weeks Activities 
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